Hybrid, Mountain or Custom Tires
Hybrid, Mountain or Custom Tires
Instant Torque
Gradual Rise Of Power-
Increasing Your Range
More Gradual Than Normal Mode-
Increases Your Range The Most
Samsung Lithium Battery Pack

Interchangeable 15.6 Amp Samsung Lithium Battery Pack Powers Your Ride For An Average Of 40 Miles Per Charge. 

4 Hour Max Recharge Time.

500 Watt Geared Motor

A powerful 500 Watt FLAUNT/Dapu Geared Motor Gets You To Top Speed Fast

Front & Rear Disc Brakes

Sensors In The Brakes Disengage The Motor When Brakes Are Applied To Keep You Safe!

6 Levels Pedal Assist/Throttle

Set Pedal Assist or Thumb Throttle To 20 MPH Without Breaking A Sweat! Includes a "Walk Assist" Mode.

Stainless & Galvanized Steel

Stainless Steel Spokes & Galvanized Steel Chain + Rust Prevention Treatment.

LCD Display

Our FLAUNT/Dapu LCD Display Lights Up So You Can See It Day Or Night.

It Also Happens To Be One Of The Best Looking Displays On The Market Today.

Integrated Lighting

Integrated with Front And Rear Lights + Brake Light.

7 Speed Shimano Components

We Went Up A Size On Our Chainring So You Can Pedal Through At Top Speed For More Power!


Two tire options:
The Hybrid Road Tire: 26” x 1.75”

The Off Road Tire: 26” x 2.10”

Color Options: Glossy White, Matte Aqua, Matte Black.


Two tire options:
The Hybrid Road Tire: 26” x 1.75”

The Off Road Tire: 26” x 2.10”

Color Options: Matte Red, Matte Blue, Matte Black, and Matte Gray.

Stylish and performance-based, FLAUNT Electric Bicycles are eco-friendly transportation option. 

Powered by a 15.6 Amp Samsung Battery, FLAUNT eBikes reach speeds of up to 20 MPH WITHOUT PEDALING, and a very conservative 35 MILE RANGE WHEN UTILIZING PEDAL ASSIST.

FLAUNT eBikes come stock with a free-wheel geared motor system in all bikes, which allows you to climb hills faster and travel with ease, putting less stress on your body, batteries, and electric motor.
With the combination of the 36 Volt, 15.6 Amp system, FLAUNT eBikes achieve over 560 Watt Hours, which are some of the highest numbers on the market today. Whether at a campus or resort, city or beach, commuting or recreational riding: Don’t just ride it, FLAUNT it!

The Atticus is an eco-friendly Beast! With a frame 1″ larger than the Vicko, you will be able to dominate the roads or the trails. This bike is the perfect electric commuter bike, and is also great for some light offroad use (not intended for jumping off of cliffs). The Atticus also comes with the option of MTB tires, or a more sleek Hybrid road tire. The Atticus is guaranteed to bring lot’s of excitement to your life, and turn a lot of heads in the process.

  • Aluminum frames and both come stocked with:
  • Interchangeable 15.6 Amp Samsung Lithium Battery Pack
  • A powerful 500 Watt FLAUNT / Dapu (Geared) Motor
  • Front & Rear TEKTRO Disc Brakes
  • Shimano derailleurs, gears, & shifters
  • 6 Levels of Pedal Assist + “Walk Assist”A push thumb throttle
  • Beautiful FLAUNT / Dapu LCD Display that lights up
  • Front & Rear integrated lights + brake light
  • Rust Prevention: Stainless Steel spokes, Galvanized Steel chain, plus rust prevention treatment throughout
  • Sensors in the brakes to disengage motor (safety feature)
  • Rear luggage rack
  • Capable of reaching 20mph and a 40 mile range
  • Shimano Tourney derailleur

Two tire options:

  • The Hybrid Road Tire: 26” x 1.75”
  • The Off Road Tire: 26” x 2.10”

Color: Color options for the Atticus, are Matte Red, Matte Blue, Matte Black, and Matte Gray.

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